Case Study 1

Today, I wanted to show you what the benefits of advertising your martial art school properly could do for you.

One of my old martial art students Bryant had talked to me about starting his own martial art school.

I told him I thought it was a great idea for him to do so. And I told him that I wished him loads of luck in his venture.

Four months later he opened his first school with a resounding THUD.

Not a single person came to his opening.

In fact, he didn't get his first student for nearly 3 weeks after being open.

After he got his first student he decided that he was going to put some money into advertising.

He was going to spend $600 on Facebook ads.

He wrote the ads.

He created his image for the ads.

And he targeted people in his area.

All of the correct things, right?

Well, in the next 3 weeks he managed to get himself one new student from his ads.

And so, thinking he had just won the advertising lottery, he put another $600 into ads.

But let's back up for a second.

He spent $600 in advertising costs.

His 1 new student had only brought him in $125.

So he was actually down by $475.

But yet he thought he was doing well.

So like I said, he was going to spend another $600 in Facebook ads.

And so he did.

And this time he didn't get any new students from his ads.

There were a ton of mistakes he made... too many really to post here. But he knew he was going to make it after hearing me talk about how great advertising was.

So once again he put in another $600.

This was his 3rd attempt at this.

And once again, did not get anyone into his gym.

He was struggling hard....

He was depressed and felt defeated.

He called me up one day and told me what was going on. He said that he was advertising and it just didn't work.

I said, "why don't you try advertising on Facebook."

I think he nearly bit my head off through the cell phone. No kidding.

He was ranting on and on about how Facebook ads don't work and that advertising, in general, "didn't work for him and his school".

So this is what I told him.

I said "Are you willing to give it one more shot with my help? Give me $600 and let me do it for you. If you are not satisfied I will give you your $600 back to you."

Now keep in mind, he had just lost $1,675 in Facebook. He was furious.

But with a little persuading, he agreed.

So I got to work writing his ad.

And then I posted it on Facebook for him. This was a Tuesday.

The day it went live, he told me that he was having a panic attack because he was sure that another $600 was going down the drain.

By the end of the week (Saturday), he had gotten hundreds of leads, and had 7 new students.

And by the end of the 2nd week, he had gotten 41 new students. On top of the 8-9 he already had.

So in just two short weeks, we had managed to get him 48 new students, and a grand total of around $6,000 in the door.

So he had spent $1,675 on his own trying and failed.

And we brought in $6k in just two weeks.

OH! I almost forgot to mention...I didn't even use the whole $600 he gave me.

In those two weeks, we had only spent a grand total of $309.46.

Today, Bryant has over 1,000 students in his new school. All from advertising it properly.

You see, advertising can do a lot of good for any business. If done correctly. And even if you think you are doing good (like Bryant did), you may not be.

And it can do a lot of harm as well, if you don't know what you are doing.

I have seen other advertising companies fudge this up as well, because they don't know YOUR business. They are working with 5000 different clients in 49 industries.

If you are interested in having a company that knows your business inside and out (we ONLY work with martial art schools), and that will run your ads for you properly, set up a time for us to talk.