IBA Brand Partner Registration Agreement

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Almost Done


The Founders Package is available for an extremely limited time.

Founders are the first 108 members of the IBA Partnership and get privileges and bonuses no other member will receive.

Besides bonuses, Founders will also receive commission of their downline up to the 5th level deep. Same as a 'Director' with less PV or OV needed. Normal partners only receive between 1-3 levels deep until they move up.

If you are seeing this, you can become a Founder right now. There are only 108 Founder spots. So don't wait.


The Partner PLUS package allows Brand Partners to not only earn commissions up to the 3rd level, but Partner + members also earn bonuses and are allowed to move up the rankings to earn even more money, commissions and bonuses.

If you missed the Founders Package for the first 108 members to sign up for it, then you need to get in on the PLUS train now.


The Partner package allows Brand Partners to earn commissions on not only the personal sales they make, but also earn commissions on people they personally sponsor into the business.